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Exhibit Biscuit

It’s the second day of our three-day take over of Tate Modern’s Tate Exchange space and we’ve transformed the fifth floor of the new building into Biscuit Land, with loads of different interactive areas and activities. Once a day we’re bringing each of these areas to life in a new way, with a mobile and specially adapted performance of our stage show Backstage In Biscuit Land.…

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A Letter to John Lewis

Usually my “ticcing fits” are characterised by my inability to speak for the duration of the fits. But sometimes it works the other way round and my tics rattle on all the way through. That’s what happened this afternoon, during a hectic email catch-up session, when my tics clearly decided that a mere fit was no reason to stop being productive.…

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I started the month with a post which I now freely admit was an April Fool – congratulations if you spotted it!

Now, a couple of weeks in, I have to share something that I really wish was just a thinly-disguised joke, but it isn’t.…

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Sonic Soap

I was hanging out with Chopin all weekend and we had a lovely restful time – eating chocolate, watching films and pottering around the castle.

She arrived with a very exciting gift. It was a massively over-exciting gift in fact – the minute my hands touched it my tics went into overdrive!…

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Access to Work - Now You’ve Made Me Angry!

Access to Work is a vital equalising scheme that provides the practical support that disabled people in employment need to do their jobs. For me this means covering the cost of my support worker and the additional costs of accessible transport to and from work.…

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Reclaim The Process

So Teresa May has announced a general election on 8th June!

Innes, my support worker, announced this on the bus half an hour ago as we were on our way back from a hospital appointment.

The news surprised, confused, excited, terrified and depressed me all at once.…

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Reclaiming Colombo

I don’t know if I’ve ever revealed this before but I’m a secret lover of detective dramas and murder mysteries. I’ve enjoyed them since I was a child when I used to scare myself with Poirot while I should’ve been watching Thundercats.…

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The Easter Piggy

It’s Easter, typically a time of bunnies and chicks, but here at the castle a different animal is taking centre-stage – pigs!

It all started a couple of days ago over lunch at a local café with Leftwing Idiot and Innes, when the subject of the Pig Fairy came up.…

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Birth Team Brunch

This morning I went for a late breakfast with Fat Sister, Innes and Laura. This was no ordinary brunch though – it was the first official meeting of Fat Sister’s ‘Femdem Birthing Crew’.

Fat Sister’s eight months pregnant, so for the first time in years her ticced name has some basis in fact.…

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Time To Talk About Pain

I’ve just taken some pain relief medication which means I’ve got about thirty minutes before I start feeling woozy and this post descends into nonsense.

I’ve been catching up with writing and putting off taking painkillers so I can focus. But this is the last post I need to get done and since it’s about pain it felt appropriate to do it while waiting for the medication to kick in.…

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