The Easter Piggy

It’s Easter, typically a time of bunnies and chicks, but here at the castle a different animal is taking centre-stage – pigs!

It all started a couple of days ago over lunch at a local café with Leftwing Idiot and Innes, when the subject of the Pig Fairy came up. I wondered absentmindedly about what the Fairy might be up to now, recalling that her last visit was at Christmas.

Then suddenly, there on the table was a pig sticker!

I lost the plot! The other people in the café looked on curiously.

Then later, when I was going to bed, I spotted another pig sticker in the bathroom. And yesterday when I took my morning medication there was one on the bedroom table. And later again, when I was having a ‘ticcing fit’, I spotted another in a corner of the living room.

And when I picked up my phone yesterday evening there was a pig sticker on the back of it! This freaked me out: no one else had been near my phone for hours.

And then this morning as I was surfacing I spotted another pig staring out at me from my desk drawer.

This takes the known total of pigs at the castle to 22 – The sixteen from Christmas, the big one form a few months ago and the five over the last few days.

Who knows if this is the end of the hunt, or if more swine are still to reveal themselves? I’ll keep you updated.

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