Birth Team Brunch

This morning I went for a late breakfast with Fat Sister, Innes and Laura. This was no ordinary brunch though – it was the first official meeting of Fat Sister’s ‘Femdem Birthing Crew’.

Fat Sister’s eight months pregnant, so for the first time in years her ticced name has some basis in fact. She’s due in a few weeks and she’s asked me to be one of her birth partners. King Russell will be there too, and I’m really excited to have the opportunity to see my niece or nephew into the world.

But to do this I’ll need some help, and after a careful discussion with Fat Sister I approached Innes and Laura to ask how they’d feel about joining the team and providing my support.

Today we met to discuss logistics and go through all Fat Sister’s birth preferences. It was a great meeting and I’m honoured and excited to be involved in this way.

Disappointingly the one thing everyone was clear about was that I wasn’t allowed to cut the cord.

I can’t think why?

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