Sonic Soap

I was hanging out with Chopin all weekend and we had a lovely restful time – eating chocolate, watching films and pottering around the castle.

She arrived with a very exciting gift. It was a massively over-exciting gift in fact – the minute my hands touched it my tics went into overdrive!

A bottle of hand soap might look innocent enough, but this is Clangers hand soap! Every time you push the top it makes a loud whistling noise – just like a Clanger!

It makes loads of different noises and it’s really sensitive, the slightest touch and off it goes. And of course I’m sensitive too, so at the slightest peep from the soap I squawk and flap excitedly.

It’s now residing in the bathroom, occasionally nattering away to itself.

With this gift Chopin’s turned going to the loo into an extreme sonic experience.

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