I started the month with a post which I now freely admit was an April Fool – congratulations if you spotted it!

Now, a couple of weeks in, I have to share something that I really wish was just a thinly-disguised joke, but it isn’t.

This morning Leftwing Idiot told me that his beloved geranium (Original Geranium AKA OG) had finally died! It hasn’t been well for a while and I know he’s been doing his best to keep it going, but today marked the end of an era.

Regular readers will know I have an unpredictable and often strained relationship with geraniums of all kinds, but Leftwing Idiot’s floral companion has had the worst of it from me over the years.

Fortunately I’ve got several blooming specimens of my own at the castle and I’m very happy for him to have a cutting. I’m just not sure he’s quite ready for that yet.


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