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It’s the second day of our three-day take over of Tate Modern’s Tate Exchange space and we’ve transformed the fifth floor of the new building into Biscuit Land, with loads of different interactive areas and activities. Once a day we’re bringing each of these areas to life in a new way, with a mobile and specially adapted performance of our stage show Backstage In Biscuit Land.

We also have a social space in which people can meet, chat and exchange information and informal support. This room is also home to an exhibition of incredible tic-inspired art.

All of the artwork on display has been produced by students from The Limes College, a specialist secondary school based in Sutton. The students and staff at The Limes have been big supporters of Touretteshero since the very beginning, producing hundreds of tic-inspired images for our gallery. It was exciting to see their exceptional work on the walls of the Tate and to be able to share their talents with an even bigger audience.

The students and staff hung their work yesterday. It was carefully curated and I was incredibly impressed with the level of thought and skill that had gone into every piece. Each of the students who’d volunteered to be involved and help with the exhibition showed me their sketchbooks and explained how their ideas had evolved.

I wasn’t the only one impressed: loads of visitors commented on the work and many said it would inspire them to get involved too. So, if you want to follow The Limes’ lead and make some tic-inspired art, browse the thousands of tics on our website, choose one that captures your imagination, make your piece, which could be anything, including a drawing, a painting, a poem or a collage. When you’re happy with it, create a login by clicking the ‘Register’ button, and click the upload button on your chosen tic. This will allow you to upload the image to the gallery so that other visitors can see your work.

Thanks to everyone at The Limes College for your continuing support, hard work and creativity.

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