Buzz Cut

Tics can add an extra element of danger to anything, even getting a haircut. For years I’ve had the same hairdresser, Ravi. She’s patient and fearless and knows exactly what to do with curly hair.

A few weeks ago Ravi cut my hair really short. I was ready for a change and having a short do will also make getting my costume on and off in our new show easier. But I’m discovering how quickly hair grows, and after just a few weeks I was already starting to get a little mullet. So today I went and got my undercut redone at a local barber’s.

Whereas Ravi had bravely used scissors, the barber shaved me short, a sensation I found strangely enjoyable.

Just like Ravi though, the barber was very laid back about my wiggly body, reassuring me that movement wasn’t a problem, and that he understood.
I’m happy with my new do and look forward to another trim in a few weeks.

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