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I Care

I’ve just watched a new video made by Scope and Stephen Fry which challenges us to consider the power that just two words can have. The examples they use in the video include:

‘I’m pregnant’, ‘Marry me’, ‘You’re ugly’ or … read more

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Deep Brain Stimulation

A couple of weeks ago I saw a post by a friend on Facebook that made me stop and think. The post was by Georgie who, like me, has Tourettes. Georgie has recently undergone neurosurgery as part of a trial … read more

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Happy Birthday Daytrippers Foundation

This afternoon Leftwing Idiot and I went to a very special party. It was to celebrate ten years of the children’s charity Daytrippers Foundation.

Over the last ten years Daytrippers Foundation has helped nearly 20,000 disabled children to go … read more

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You Take the High Road

This morning I woke up late but cheerful. I don’t usually work on Saturdays but today I did because I was covering for a colleague. For no clear reason my tics decided it would be a good morning for a … read more

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The Last Supper

This evening Claire cooked a lovely dinner at her flat for me and Ruth and Ruth’s friend Meghan. Claire’s planning on moving soon so this might be one of the last meals we have together in her current flat.

Soon … read more

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How to Tame a Clotheshorse

Yesterday I wrote about my new “Hey” tic and how I was certain it wasn’t the kind horses eat. Now I’m not so sure – this evening my tics went all equestrian. Well almost – I started chatting … read more

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We Need to Talk About Hey!

I used to have a comprehensive range of greeting tics that included, “Hello buddy”, “Hello fish” “Hey buddy”, and “Good afternoon, Legoland Windsor.”

Over the last few weeks “Hey” has been creeping back in. It comes out with a very … read more

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Floating Heads

Laura sent me a picture message this evening which at confused me. At first glance it was just an image of a seating area in a bar.

Her message read, ‘Only accessible if you’re just a floating head….. in which … read more

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World of the Zodiac - Taurus

Last month has raced by for me, but for all you Taureans anticipating your own personal predictions I’m sure it’s felt like forever.

Four weeks ago I posted the first of my tic-inspired horoscopes and lots of people asked if … read more

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Pops Tics

Poppy and I have been hanging out at the castle this evening and she’s staying over to provide my overnight care. Just now, as we were getting ready for bed, I began ticcing demands that she mimic my movements.

It … read more

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