Floating Heads

Laura sent me a picture message this evening which at confused me. At first glance it was just an image of a seating area in a bar.

Her message read, ‘Only accessible if you’re just a floating head….. in which case you probably wouldn’t need the toilet.’

I examined the photo again and laughed when, like a ‘magic eye’ picture, I suddenly saw an accessible toilet symbol on the camouflaged door, which was totally blocked by a sofa!

Surely this ‘accessible’ toilet is even harder to get into than the one in a Brighton hotel that’s surrounded on all sides by steps. I hope no one had gone in there for a sneaky poo before they ceiled the door in!

I don’t want you to think I’m obsessed with loos, but do share your inaccessible-accessible toilet stories below, or send me a picture.

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