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Last month has raced by for me, but for all you Taureans anticipating your own personal predictions I’m sure it’s felt like forever.

Four weeks ago I posted the first of my tic-inspired horoscopes and lots of people asked if there’d be one for their star sign. Rest assured there will be, but we’re releasing them monthly, in order.

Today, for everyone born under the sign of Taurus, the wait is over. Here are my tics’ predictions for your year ahead – so pay attention bull-child:

If you are a Taurean I hope you’re off to wrestle a rhino into your pocket, and put some money on Nunhead. The advice about not poking yourself in the eye applies to everyone though. Please share this video with all your friends – particularly those born under the sign of the bull.

Gemini, it’s your turn next!

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  1. ocdguyocdguyocdguy says:

    Lol – Brilliant Jess! I’ll try not to poke my eye out as I wait (patiently) for my own horoscope (in December! – I’m a Capricorn Goddammit! 😉 I have a ‘theory’ about tourettes…that you, and other tourettes sufferers are like ‘spiritual antennas’…I think that you pick up on many many things that are not just hidden…but ‘hidden in time’…ie…haven’t happened yet…or happened maybe centuries ago. Well – that’s my theory anyway!…it’d be cool if you could ‘switch it off’ though…and maybe reduce the hardship that comes with Tourettes Hmm – I could also be ‘Talking thro my Arse’…as I am sometimes prone to do 😉 GodBless!

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