The Last Supper

This evening Claire cooked a lovely dinner at her flat for me and Ruth and Ruth’s friend Meghan. Claire’s planning on moving soon so this might be one of the last meals we have together in her current flat.

Soon after we’d finished dinner I had a ‘ticcing fit’ and Claire and Ruth helped me. Ruth started ticcing, ‘Let’s rape her now!’ and kept repeating it at full volume as my body banged and crashed on the floor. Suddenly my legs broke free of Ruth’s grasp and kicked the table. A bowl full of crisps hit the floor, smashed and scattered crisps everywhere.

As I continued to fit Claire reassured me and told me not to worry about the bowl. She went on ‘It’s a good job I’m moving soon. I expect my neighbours are terrified about what’s going on in here.’

Thankfully the fit ended before anyone called the police.

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