Happy Birthday Daytrippers Foundation

This afternoon Leftwing Idiot and I went to a very special party. It was to celebrate ten years of the children’s charity Daytrippers Foundation.

Over the last ten years Daytrippers Foundation has helped nearly 20,000 disabled children to go on exciting trips or take part in innovative events. They’re responsible for building countless positive memories up and down the country.

Leftwing Idiot and I have been involved with Daytrippers Foundation from its creation in 2003. In that year they funded several small trips for the organisation we were working for and we’ve been involved with them in some way every year since.

When we founded Touretteshero in 2010, Daytrippers Foundation offered lots of support and encouragement and at the end of that year they funded the first Touretteshero children’s event. With their help an excited bunch of children and young people met up at a secret superhero lair, transformed themselves into superheroes, and saved the world from a deadly dull wave.

The party this afternoon was magical with lots of children and adults enjoying music, art, food and delicious cake. Daytrippers Foundation shared their tenth birthday with another organisation called Create who performed incredible interactive music.

While everyone ate I toured the tables, showed off my costume, and learnt about everyone’s secret powers and favourite superheroes.

It was another brilliant Daytrippers Foundation event and I’m sure their will be many more.

Happy Birthday Daytrippers Foundation!

Photo: Ismar Uzeirovic

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