Monthly Archives: November 2011

Festive Outbursts

It’s the day before December 1st and the countdown to Christmas is about to begin. Poppy loves Christmas and as her moving-in present (she’s coming to live with me in the Castle) I’ve made her an advent calendar using matchboxes. … read more

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First Night at the Castle

Tonight’s the first night in my new lair – affectionately known as the Castle because it used to be a pub with that name. For the last few months I’ve been staying at Leftwing Idiot’s after I’d had to leave … read more

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Sugar-Free Fortnight

Today’s the start of my second week of not eating any sugar (other than in fruit).
For years my friends and family have insisted that what I eat and drink affects my tics. Although I think some things can exacerbate … read more

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I’m the Boss of Me

In the small hours of the morning during a ‘ticcing fit’ I shouted at my body, “I command you to stop.” And to my surprise I stopped ticcing for a moment. When it had started again I shouted, … read more

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Layers of Loveliness

Last Month I wrote about how my new ‘ticcing fits’ had left me in a difficult situation. Lots of layers needed to be unpicked and sorted out to put me back in control. Now, nearly everything’s been organised. … read more

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“Nissan Micra”

For most people the Nissan Micra is just a cheap and cheerful small car. But for me it’s acquired a new meaning.

During a ticcing fit, when I was finding it difficult to speak, what came out when … read more

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A Load off my Mind

Yesterday I got a call from Access to Work, the government scheme that funds my support worker at work. The scheme is crucial to making it possible for me to keep doing my job and I’ve had a support read more

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Brain Matter

So far my recent ‘ticcing fits’ haven’t produced many funny moments, with the possible exception of the persistent repetition of an early ’80s tennis star’s name. Today though, while I was writhing around having my sixth ‘fit’, this poem came … read more

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A Hat Fit for All Tics

A package arrived this morning with my exciting new padded hat inside. I’ve already got a boxing helmet, which is good for protecting my cheeks and forehead. But what it’s not good at protecting is the top or back … read more


The Gowlett’s Arms Around Me

Once a month Leftwing Idiot DJs on a Sunday night at a pub in Peckham, near where we both live. He’s been doing it for years. The pub, The Gowlett Arms, celebrated its eighth birthday last night, with Leftwing … read more

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