A Load off my Mind

Yesterday I got a call from Access to Work, the government scheme that funds my support worker at work. The scheme is crucial to making it possible for me to keep doing my job and I’ve had a support worker two days a week pretty much since I started there.

My boss is brilliantly flexible and understanding but I’ve had to rely on her and other colleagues much more lately on days when I don’t have support. It takes them away from their own work and that’s been very much on my mind.

When my leg tics began to affect my walking I knew I really needed help all the time, but because of the current political climate and all the cuts, I was scared to ask for extra support in case what I already had got taken away.

My ticcing fits though made it impossible not to ask for more because it’s dangerous for me to be anywhere on my own.

Just under two weeks ago I applied for full-time support, and yesterday, after consultation with my social worker, my employer and me, the application was approved. From now on I’ll be getting help to do my job safely and without fear every hour that I’m working! This is a huge relief.

I‘ve been terrified of having to stop working, and this increased support has taken all the worry away. Now I can get on with doing the work I love.

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