A Hat Fit for All Tics

A package arrived this morning with my exciting new padded hat inside. I’ve already got a boxing helmet, which is good for protecting my cheeks and forehead. But what it’s not good at protecting is the top or back of my head, and those are the areas my current ticcing fits are making particularly vulnerable.

The solution this time comes from a different sport – rugby. The new helmet has shock-absorbing padding all over and I’m very happy with this addition to my tic-protection wardrobe.

2 responses to A Hat Fit for All Tics

  1. Mr Dan Farrow says:

    It’s in the right colours too!

  2. Catwings says:

    I use a rugby headguard too – I originally was looking for one of those that are used for some people with epilepsy etc because it was the same sort of protection i needed, but the rugby helmet was easier/cheaper to find.
    The padding on the boxing ones looks thicker and with more protection of the face though.

    Maybe your TH mask can be modified to be padded in the main places you need it?

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