Layers of Loveliness

Last Month I wrote about how my new ‘ticcing fits’ had left me in a difficult situation. Lots of layers needed to be unpicked and sorted out to put me back in control. Now, nearly everything’s been organised. I’ve got a clear fit-management plan agreed with my doctors, increased support from social services, full-time support at work, and a bright red emergency bag that goes everywhere with me. It feels like I’m getting back on track even through the ticcing fits are still happening.

My other big worry was how the fits would affect my move into my new lair. But now I have the right support they’re not going affect it at all and in a few days I’m going to move in, along with Poppy. I’ve spent the day with a team of friends making the new lair lovely. A lot of my stuff’s there now and put away, our new beds have been assembled, we have a well-stocked fridge, and I have a new soft rug in the living room that I’ve already tic-tested.

I’m excited about moving in. It’s taken a lot of organising, but something that felt impossible a month ago is happening now, thanks to help from my friends, and quick responses from the various agencies that support me.

Layers of problems have been transformed into a safe and exciting move into my lovely new lair or as it’s more affectionately known amongst my friends – The Castle.

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