Cat Culture

When Monkey the cat first moved in he was understandably a bit nervous of my wheelchair, so much so that I teased Chopin about having an ableist cat. Since then he’s got used to the chair and in fact he’s thoroughly embraced disability culture.

He’s constantly making himself comfortable in my wheelchair and I’ve found him curled up in my back support on a number of occasions. But this afternoon he took it to a new level by wearing my kneepads!

A black and white cat sits with his legs inside a pair of volleyball kneepads used by Touretteshero to protect her knees

The kneepads enable me to move around on my hands and knees when I need to. When I woke up from my afternoon nap to find him with his paws through the pads it really made me laugh.

If it’d been an actor putting on protective clothing or sitting in a wheelchair they didn’t need I’d have been furious.

But Monkey’s a cat so it’s just cute.

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