Wheelchair Cat

Monkey the cat seems to be well and truly settled in. When he first arrived he was wary of my wheelchair. This is quite sensible really, and in stark contrast to my experience with dogs who often seem completely unaware of the potential harm my wheels might cause them.

Monkey, however, has quickly lost his suspicion of my chair and in fact seems keen to claim it as his own. Leftwing Idiot laughed out loud yesterday when, after my nap, I crawled into the living room pushing Monkey on the chair because he’d refused to get up.

I found myself doing a Monkey-Cat-inspired cartoon.

Alt text – a greyscale image with a wheelchair in the foreground. Monkey, a black and white cat, is sitting on the chair holding a wheelchair owner’s certificate. In the background Touretteshero is crawling towards the door saying “Don’t worry Monkey, no need to get up”. There is a thought bubble coming from monkey saying “Did someone say something”: he’s daydreaming of whizzing down hill in his chair.

Monkey’s definitely the king of this castle and I’m really enjoying having him about even if it does mean and I have to fight him for the wheelchair.

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