Tis The Season Of The …. Pig Fairy!

Visitors to the castle would be forgiven for thinking that I’m really into pigs, whether because of the extravagantly decorated dog toys pigs lined up on my shelves, or the many tiny pig stickers that cover my walls and skirting boards.

But let’s get one thing straight immediately: I’m not that into pigs. My tics on the other hand frequently talk about pigs, and I am into the legendary Pig Fairy. And I know the Pig Fairy’s real because we’ve corresponded by email.

This evening a couple of friends dropped in to exchange Christmas gifts before they go away for the festive break. At some point I needed something from my room and when I went in I got a big surprise – a very big surprise.

Needless to say I did quite a bit of squealing.

While pig fairy can visit at any time of year, she does have a habit of turning up at Christmas. Maybe she hitches a lift with Santa?

However you’re celebrating the festivities, I wish you many pigs.


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