Pig Stickers

I’ve written a lot about my on-going quest for pigs, the highly customised dog toys that I’m given by the mysterious Pig Fairy whenever I have a day without a ‘ticcing fit’.

A couple of months ago I wrote about the acronym PPD, which stands for ‘Potential Piggy Day.’ My friends use this to describe days when I haven’t yet had a fit.

Today had been a PPD until about 6pm, but then I started to have a fit. Leftwing Idiot came to help me and as he did he said ‘Wave goodbye to the pig.’ Unusually, I was still able to speak a bit – just enough for my tics to open up negotiations about pigs.

“But I could still have a pig.”
“What about half a pig?”
“But I could still get a pig sticker.”

I continued to bang on about pig stickers despite Leftwing Idiot’s complete dismissal of the idea. But eventually he relented: ‘Maybe you can look at a pig sticker, online, for a moment….”

I suspect this isn’t the last time we’ll have this ridiculous but funny conversation.


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