On Your Marks Get Set Rest

I’ve been incredibly lucky to go all over the world with work, including to Australia, Canada, Bosnia and the United States, but although I’ve done a load of travelling I haven’t actually been on a proper holiday for over a decade.

While I was at Oasis I’d save my annual leave and use it for Touretteshero work. Since Leftwing Idiot and I stopped doing two jobs at the same time, he’s been away once or twice, but I haven’t taken a proper break at all. But this is about to change! Tomorrow, Fran and I head to Spain for a week of complete rest.

So naturally we’ve chosen somewhere hot, and with a pool. A company called Enable Holidays which specialises in accessible breaks, has helped us find a resort that meets our requirements. The process has been really smooth and I’m confident that everything we’ll need will be in place, including an adjustable bed like the one I have at home.

After months of escalating pain and struggles with energy I can’t wait to take it really easy for a while. If you need me I’ll be in the pool.

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