To Sydney With Wheels

By the time you read this we should be soaring through the sky on an epic journey. Today the whole Backstage In Biscuit Land team are heading to Sydney, where we’ll be performing at the Opera House as part of the All About Women Festival. Well, not quite the whole team because one crucial member of our touring party, my wheelchair, had a catastrophic accident yesterday.

I have no idea why this happened – it was completely out of the blue and I was on totally level ground. This isn’t the first time my chair’s broken the night before a big trip – the same thing happened last year just as we were about to go away.

Thankfully I’ve got a back-up chair so I’ll still be able to get around in Australia. I’m actually relieved this happened before we left otherwise all I’d be seeing of Sydney is wheelchair showrooms. This wouldn’t have been too bad on account of how much I love wheelchairs, but I’m not sure how delighted everyone else would’ve been.

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