In The Presence of SOH

We arrived in Sydney last night after travelling for more than twenty-four hours. But before heading to the hotel there was one thing we needed to do – drop off all our props bags at the Opera House, where we’ll be performing for the next few days.

As the van rounded the corner, the magnificent building loomed into view. It was a dark, clear night, the building’s lights glowed a warm orange, and the huge harbour stretched out in the background. I hadn’t been prepared to be so instantly and utterly blown away by the building. As we drove down the sweeping ramp into the bowels of the building I couldn’t quite believe it was all real.

This afternoon we swung by SOH again (we’re already on nick-name terms) and it was no less magnificent in daylight.

I found myself in the unfamiliar position of looking at a building and thinking – ‘I’m really glad they put in all those stairs’, ‘what beautiful stairs’ ‘the stairs really make the building’. As a wheelchair user stairs aren’t usually my favourite architectural feature, but SOH wears them very well indeed, and there are loads of accessible ways in too.

I’ve seen magnificent buildings on epic scales before – often they’ve been cathedrals or temples. I found it incredibly moving to see a building of such size and grace as this dedicated solely to art.

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