Dolphins on a Plane

Chopin and I are currently on a plane somewhere over Iraq. I just looked over at her and she was slowly stretching out her right hand, making lots of unusual shapes.

I watched absentmindedly for a minute or so before my tics piped up:

“What are you doing, Dolphin?”
“It’s mid-air dolphin aerobics.”
“Dolphin, put some clothes on.”

Chopin burst into fits of giggles and said, “Are you watching my hand? That’s pretty creepy.”

Chopin’s a puppeteer and in our show she brings the surreal world of Biscuit Land to life. This includes a small grey dolphin, and at the moment my tics only seem able to see her right hand as a naked dolphin.

When I talk about the unusual world my tics create around me, this is exactly the sort of thing I mean.

Who needs a right hand, when you can have a left hand and a naked dolphin?

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