A Welcome Stage Invasion

We’ve just got back to our hotel in Vancouver. Leftwing Idiot and Innes are watching car shows, and Chopin is packing – we’re all leaving tomorrow.

Tonight we did our last performance of Backstage in Biscuit Land at PuSh Festival, and it was a really special one. There was a child aged about three, sitting between his parents in the front row. He listened attentively and every now and again asked me a question. At one point, inspired by one of his comments, I led the audience in an enthusiastic shout of “da-da!”

In our final song a bubble machine leaps into life and shoots out hundreds of watery orbs. Tonight, at this point in the show, our youngest audience member jumped up and joined us on stage, dancing in the bubbles as the whole audience sang a rude song about animals.

This was the most gorgeous stage invasion ever and I couldn’t think of a better a way to end the show and our run here in Canada. As the bubbles swirled around the grinning boy I couldn’t help thinking this was a perfect demonstration of an idea at the heart of BIBL – that amazing things happen at performances where everyone is truly welcome.

At a moment in our history when political ideologies are making many people in the world feel unwelcome, it is more important than ever to hold this idea in our hearts and let it be felt through our actions.

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