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Hello San Francisco!

We touched down in San Francisco yesterday and because we have the day off today, ahead of loading in the show tomorrow, we took the opportunity to explore the city.

We headed to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was very … read more

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Hot Water

The hotel we’re staying in here in Toronto is very luxurious. It even has a swimming pool and a spa. Rachel and I have managed to get into the lovely routine of going for a morning swim.

After this morning’s … read more

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Truth Before Lies

In the words of the bold, forthright, witty, Crip activist Stella Young:

“We’ve been sold a lie that disability is a bad thing… and to live with disability makes you exceptional, it’s not a bad thing and it doesn’t … read more


Restroom Observations

We’re in the USA with our show Backstage In Biscuit Land, and one of the most interesting things about travelling is experiencing different ways of doing things. Often it’s the differences in the most routine and familiar aspects of … read more

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Plates of Biscuits, Cups of Love

We’ve just got back to our Brooklyn apartment after a long but exciting day in New York City.

This morning I was interviewed on Brooklyn Live, a TV show that’s filmed in BRIC Arts Media’s TV studios and … read more

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Building Biscuit Land In BRIC

I woke up this morning raring to go and after a quick breakfast of New York bagels in our apartment, we loaded our props into two giant cabs and headed to BRIC Arts Media, an incredible arts space in … read more

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Good Morning Big Apple

I’ve just woken up from one of the longest and most satisfying sleeps I’ve had in months. The room I’m in is quiet – all I can hear is the gentle whirr of a machine outside, and the occasional chirruping … read more

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The Extra Live Cat

If you’ve ever been to see Backstage in Biscuit Land you’ll probably remember seeing a cat dressed as a nun right at the end of the show. Underneath that costume you’d have found Jolie, our producer, who’s been with us … read more

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Challenging Work in Accessible Spaces

Almost a year ago I took part in a writers group at the Royal Court Theatre. One of the highlights was meeting other writers and theatre makers. Among them was Jessica Latowicki, one half of the theatre company Made In read more

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My Blooming Garden

I woke up suddenly this morning with early morning sunlight pouring into my bedroom through a gap in the blind. I opened my eyes, and before I even had time to register the view my tics said:

“Good morning, yellow … read more

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