The Extra Live Cat

If you’ve ever been to see Backstage in Biscuit Land you’ll probably remember seeing a cat dressed as a nun right at the end of the show. Underneath that costume you’d have found Jolie, our producer, who’s been with us for the last two years.

Cat Nun

Our UK tour of BIBL ended on Saturday in Great Yarmouth, and while the rest of us are taking the opportunity to relax and enjoy the sunshine, Jolie’s running around in Brighton getting ready for the first performance of her own play, Hip, which premiers this evening as part of the Brighton Fringe.


A few evenings ago, Jolie met Paul Levy in a busy Brighton bar to talk about Hip, “Extra Live”, and squatting. You can listen to the results here.

Jolie will be getting back into the cat habit in just over a week when we take BIBL to BRIC in New York.

In the meantime, good luck for tonight, Jolie – break a leg (not a hip)!

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