Hot Water

The hotel we’re staying in here in Toronto is very luxurious. It even has a swimming pool and a spa. Rachel and I have managed to get into the lovely routine of going for a morning swim.

After this morning’s swim we sat for a while in the jacuzzi at the side of the pool. The water was hot and bubbly. But then, while we were relaxing in the water, I started to have a ‘ticcing fit’.

Rachel pointed out what a luxurious place it was to have a fit and, to start with, I agreed because, as the water was supporting my body, it made it much less painful than it would’ve been on dry land.

But soon I started to feel very uncomfortable, not because of my twisting muscles but because of being in hot water for such a long time. I started to imagine that I was being ‘sous-vide’ cooked. For non-foodies, ‘sous-vide’ is a trendy way of gently cooking something in a water bath.

The thought of this made me laugh to myself and, in my mind, I started doing a Master Chef-style commentary about the cooking process.

Less than ten minutes later the fit ended and Rachel and I went back into the main pool to cool off.

While I love the pool I’m not a big fan of being boiled alive, however gently.


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