Plates of Biscuits, Cups of Love

We’ve just got back to our Brooklyn apartment after a long but exciting day in New York City.

This morning I was interviewed on Brooklyn Live, a TV show that’s filmed in BRIC Arts Media’s TV studios and highlights what’s happening in the local area. The interview was great and I was made to feel very welcome by the hosts, Brian and Greg. They’d even laid on a plate of biscuits – both the UK type and the US type – for me.

After the interview Leftwing Idiot and I went to explore sunny Brooklyn. We checked out one of the biggest sportswear stores I’ve ever seen, looked at a display of ‘Scat of North American Wildlife’ (who knew that coyote poo was bigger than that of a Mountain Lion?) and soaked up some sun in Fort Greene Park. After a good wander about we headed back to BRIC to get ready for our first performance.

It went really well. The audience were warm and supportive and seemed to enjoy their time in Biscuit Land. As the show ended and I hugged my co-performer Jess Mabel Jones (AKA Chopin), I thought about how far I’d come in the last five years – from a solitary sound booth in 2011 to a New York stage in 2016.

My pride in what we’ve achieved reached new levels a few moments after the end of the show, Crip superstar Mat Fraser took to the stage to present Backstage In Biscuit Land with the world’s first ONEOFUS “Loving Cup” award. This award recognises work that champions outsider voices and radically shakes up the world of performance. Mat and his wife Julie make some of the most ground-breaking, thrilling and important work I’ve seen, and I was totally blown away to receive the award.

Mat Fraser

And we got an actual cup that, thanks to Chopin’s rapid reflexes, remained a trophy rather than turning into the lethal weapon it would have become had it’d stayed in my erratic hands for any length of time.

It’s been an amazing first night and I can’t wait to share more biscuits with another New York audience tomorrow night. If you’re in the area please make sure you come down and see the show.

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  1. Hi Jess and company! Here is the video of you receiving the ‘LovingCup’ award! So very much deserved!
    ‪#‎TourettesHero‬ receives ‪#‎LOVINGCUPaward‬ in ‪#‎NYC‬

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