Building Biscuit Land In BRIC

I woke up this morning raring to go and after a quick breakfast of New York bagels in our apartment, we loaded our props into two giant cabs and headed to BRIC Arts Media, an incredible arts space in the heart of Brooklyn.

We’ll be performing at BRIC over the next couple of days and today we loaded our show in. For us this means, amongst other things, rolling out the AstroTurf, positioning Captain Bin, dressing the ducks in their pterodactyl costumes, and inflating the dinosaur balloon. A team of great technicians helped us make sure that lighting and sound were ready to go too.

BRIC is an amazing and very community focussed. As well as theatre spaces, it has TV studios and an art gallery. All of these are accessible and open to local people to use in all sorts of interesting ways.

After we’d finished prepping the show Leftwing Idiot, Rachel and I did some work in the café that overlooks the gallery. It was the opening night of an exhibition of work by young people from Brooklyn and the atmosphere was full of excitement and creativity. It made me think of all the young people I work with back in the UK. The work on display was of an incredibly high standard, all very interesting and thought-provoking.

We’ve been made so welcome at BRIC and the place is so incredibly dynamic that I felt instantly at home, and I can’t wait to share Biscuit Land with this new creative community.

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