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Festive Outbursts

Every Christmas for the last three years I’ve shared a festive themed tic for each day of Advent. Tomorrow’s the 1st of December, when the run-up to the festivities begins in earnest, and once again I’ll be sharing a Christmassy … read more

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Black Friday, White-Knuckles

This year everyone seems to be talking about it being ‘Black Friday’ today, and I don’t remember ever hearing about this before.

For anyone still in the dark, Black Friday’s the day after Thanksgiving in the United States … read more

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Back to Basics

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been having a great time out and about in my new Trekinetic wheelchair, mainly because I can propel myself when I’m outside, much, much more easily than with the standard chair. This means I … read more

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Stolen Lemon Manifesto

I’ve been enjoying something of a dip in the regularity and severity of my ‘ticcing fits’ in the last couple of weeks and one benefit has been a welcome increase in the number of uninterrupted nights sleep I’ve … read more

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No Waiting Time

Here’s a story about the NHS that’s very unlikely to make it into the mainstream media.

This afternoon Leftwing Idiot was taking me to our local hospital for a non-urgent appointment. I was in my regular wheelchair so he was … read more

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Paint It Christmas

I’m sure there’ll be millions of blogs excitedly announcing today that we’re only a month away from Christmas, but I strongly suspect this will be the only post to celebrate by launching a festive greetings card created by the incredible … read more

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Vocal Training Tourettes-Style

Every so often Leftwing Idiot goes off to host comedy disco nights with our friends Cassetteboy (there are two of them). In an effort to avoid losing his voice half-way through a show, he’s started doing vocal warm-up exercises from … read more

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World of the Zodiac - Sagittarius

Quick as a flash another month has passed, and once again it’s time to get mystic with a Tourettes-enriched horoscope. So, Sagittarians, here at long last are your predictions for the year. I hope you enjoy hearing what the … read more


Tips for Tics

Today’s post is written by guest blogger Alec. He shares his recent journey with Tourettes, and describes the key things that’ve helped him cope since the onset of his tics ten months ago. Over to Alec…

To start with, I’m … read more

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A Soundscape of Fits

This time last month I was celebrating my second ‘Fitiversary’ with friends in a local restaurant. Any regular readers will know my ‘ticcing fits’ play a significant part in my life. They also featured in my … read more

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