Vocal Training Tourettes-Style

Every so often Leftwing Idiot goes off to host comedy disco nights with our friends Cassetteboy (there are two of them). In an effort to avoid losing his voice half-way through a show, he’s started doing vocal warm-up exercises from a CD.

The exercises are led by a chirpy-sounding American who gets Leftwing Idiot to do all sorts of ridiculous things with his voice. The other morning I could hear him practising in the other room and as he went through the exercises I started ‘neighing’ along with them like a horse, followed quickly by ‘baaing’ like sheep. I could hear him laughing as he tried to concentrate.

Maybe there’s an untapped market for Tourettes-style voice warm-ups, though on second thoughts, I don’t imagine there’d much evidence to support the vocal benefits of ‘Biscuits’ or assorted farmyard sounds.

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