Festive Outbursts

Every Christmas for the last three years I’ve shared a festive themed tic for each day of Advent. Tomorrow’s the 1st of December, when the run-up to the festivities begins in earnest, and once again I’ll be sharing a Christmassy tic on each day.

To get you in the mood, here’s a recap of a few from last year:

“It’s a little dolphin in a Santa hat.”
“There’s a Christmas tree counting down the minutes to my death.”
“Steal a dog, take it to the circus, train it to do mum’s Christmas shopping.”
“Do they know it’s Christmas in your mum’s sock drawer?”
“Gold frankincense and Andrew Marr.”
“A badger carried Mary on the dusty road.”

Look out for the all new #festiveoutbursts from tomorrow, on the blog, on twitter and on facebook.

Who needs an advent calendar when you can count down to Christmas with Tourettes?

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