Back to Basics

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been having a great time out and about in my new Trekinetic wheelchair, mainly because I can propel myself when I’m outside, much, much more easily than with the standard chair. This means I don’t need to be pushed as much, and I can wheel along next to my friends and support workers, which is lovely.

It also means I have to relearn a skill I seem to have forgotten – road crossing.

Admittedly I was never brilliant at it in the first place. But my limited mobility has meant that in the last three years or so I’ve always crossed roads with someone either physically supporting me or pushing me. So it’s ages since I’ve had to make a decision about whether it’s safe to cross or not. My rustiness is compounded by the fact that when I was last crossing roads by myself I was going at a different speed and I was at a different height.

This hadn’t occurred to me until I went to cross a road the other day when I was with Poppy. I thought I had enough time to get across, only to realise I’d misjudged it and I found myself in the path of an approaching bus! Thankfully Poppy was quick to respond and got us both safely across in the nick of time.

I’m going back to basics as far as road safety’s concerned and not taking any more risks.

I’m very keen to keep my newfound independence but I really do need to avoid rolling into trouble.

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