A Soundscape of Fits

This time last month I was celebrating my second ‘Fitiversary’ with friends in a local restaurant. Any regular readers will know my ‘ticcing fits’ play a significant part in my life. They also featured in my TEDx talk at the Albert Hall in September when I shared a ‘sonification’ of two months’ worth of fits generated by actual data about each fit.

The duo behind this piece were my friends Jo Hyde and Tom Mitchell, both incredible sound artists and academics who juggled hectic schedules to collaborate on this project.

So one month later it seems fitting (no pun intended) to present you with the complete sonification of the full twelve months’ worth of the first year of my fits:


[soundcloud url=https://soundcloud.com/touretteshero/the-alchemy-of-chaos-ticcing-1]


What do you think? I find it mesmerising. I was amazed to be able to recognise the times in the year when I’d been ill and my fits became much more frequent.

One of the main reasons for involving academics from different disciplines in creative projects like this is to generate new research into Tourettes.

I was very pleased recently to read an article about ‘Tic attacks’ – or ‘ticcing fits’ as I call them. This is the first piece of research that I’m aware of specifically about this type of episode, and I’m going to share this sonification with its authors in the hope that it encourages them keep up the good work

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