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The Great Outdoors

A couple of weeks ago I realised with some alarm that I still have twenty days annual leave to use up by the end of March. I’ve been putting it off because when I’m not at work I don’t have … read more

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Lamp-post! Lamp-post! Burning Bright

Sometimes, for no apparent reason, my tics suddenly pluck something from deep within my memory and latch onto it. It can happen at any time and anything I’ve ever thought about can surface.

Tonight was the turn of a poem … read more

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Ahead of the Class

Fran, Leftwing Idiot and I have just been at a training day on safeguarding disabled children. Part of it involved simulating a conversation with a child who has limited verbal communication.

The group was split into pairs, one person taking … read more

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Unlimited Success

I’ve just got home from a birthday party. It wasn’t a party for a person – it was for an organisation, UnLtd, a much loved friend of, investor in, and advocate for, social entrepreneurs. It’s an organisation that provides … read more

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I’ve just got back from visiting Poppy in her lovely new house. She made a delicious dinner and while it was cooking we sat and chatted with her new housemates in their cosy kitchen.

As usual my tics were mostly … read more

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Mystic Peter

A while ago I shared some ticced horoscopes that’d emerged while I’d been chatting about star signs with Poppy and Leftwing Idiot. Lots of people have been enjoying them, and one friend, Gemma, suggested we make them into YouTube videos.… read more

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Tropical Heat

It’s bitterly cold again. The temperature’s really dropped and snow’s been floating down intermittently all day.

I’ve been outside all day on a trip with the children from work to visit another adventure playground. But although I’ve been exposed to … read more

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I’m Like A Tree Like

Poppy was back at the castle this evening for her weekly turn as my overnight support worker. Shortly before we headed to our beds I had a “ticcing fit.” As is often the case I lost my speech, … read more

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The other day I wrote about the practical challenges of going to the loo with my unpredictable mobility. There’s an additional factor I didn’t mention that makes this even harder at work: metal grab rails.

This might quite reasonably surprise … read more


How to Make a Biscuit Bear

Yesterday I wrote about the amazing meals my friends and support workers have been preparing for me. Tonight, hanging out with Zoë, I ticced, “Let’s cook with biscuits and sheep.” My tics then went on to describe how you’d do … read more

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