Tropical Heat

It’s bitterly cold again. The temperature’s really dropped and snow’s been floating down intermittently all day.

I’ve been outside all day on a trip with the children from work to visit another adventure playground. But although I’ve been exposed to the elements, I’ve not been cold. This is thanks to my new bespoke wheelchair-cosy that arrived yesterday morning.

This winter I’ve really noticed how much colder I get sitting in my wheelchair than when I was more mobile. I searched for several weeks for a lap-blanket or cover that wouldn’t make me look ancient. But I had very little success, so I took matters into my own hands and got in touch with Louise from Fuud Hoods.

I’d seen Louise’s amazing clothes, all made from retro fabrics, at Shambala last summer. I was excited when she told me she was up for making me a bright, cheerful cosy to help keep me warm. I chose a suitably tropical fabric and was delighted to slip under its luminous pineapples when I set out this morning.

After a day of thorough testing I remain thrilled (and warm).

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