Mystic Peter

A while ago I shared some ticced horoscopes that’d emerged while I’d been chatting about star signs with Poppy and Leftwing Idiot. Lots of people have been enjoying them, and one friend, Gemma, suggested we make them into YouTube videos.

So that’s how I found myself sitting between a gold Moon Frog and a Dream Catcher, wearing a specially made shawl in traditional Touretteshero colours, singing spontaneously about Libras as snow fluttered down outside the window.

We recorded the video at Leftwing Idiot’s parents’ flat, and Poppy, who’d made the amazing additions to my costume, dressed the room to make it look suitably mystical. Leftwing Idiot and Keir fiddled with the cameras, and my tics did the rest. A stream of advice emerged, some of it sensible, most of it strange, quite a lot of it about shampoo.

We recorded one message for each star sign and these will be released every month for the next year, starting with Aries in late March.

I really enjoyed my foray into fortune telling but I’ve no plans to make a career of it. If I did, though, I’d have to think up a better name than the one suggested for me by my tics – I’m not sure I could make much of a living as Mystic Peter.

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