The other day I wrote about the practical challenges of going to the loo with my unpredictable mobility. There’s an additional factor I didn’t mention that makes this even harder at work: metal grab rails.

This might quite reasonably surprise you – grab rails are there to make things easier. But the metal grab rails at work have given me so many static shocks I’ve developed a fear of grabbing hold of them. The lingering fear of electrocution makes the process of using the loo even more challenging.

I try to make myself grab on, but it often takes me a few moments to build up the courage.

2 responses to Shocking

  1. Dan Farrow says:

    hey Jess, try touching the rails with your elbow first.

    I’m always getting static shocks in our house when I’m shuffling around the carpet in my socks. The shock usually comes when I touch a lightswitch, specifically the metal screws on the lightswitch housing, so I’ve got into the habit of using my elbow first.

    Yes it’s a bit silly but it seems more bearable there than in my fingertips!

    Also I’ve got into the habit of not switching on lights while I’m carrying a cup of tea 🙂

  2. buzzfloyd says:

    I get static shocks all the time. They can be surprisingly painful! I’ve got into the habit of touching things with the side of my hand first, because it’s much less painful than fingertips, which are full of nerve endings.

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