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Lost for words

Losing the ability to speak has been a regular feature of my ‘ticcing fits’ since they suddenly intensified last October. This evening Leftwing Idiot and I were out and about when I had a fit. It was mild … read more


Mixed Message

My friend Ruth got a new job today. I rang to congratulate her but it went straight to voicemail. My message went like this:

“Hi Ruth,
I just called to say
No actually I didn’t.
I rang to … read more

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Crab Hands

This afternoon I kept snapping my fingers together, repeatedly and simultaneously, on both hands.

Doing this gave me a jolt, not because of the physical sensation but because it recalled the familiar movement of a long-forgotten motor tic.

By my … read more


Spa Treatment

Last Christmas Fat Sister and I bought our mum a voucher for a spa day. Mum was keen that we went too so today the three of us, along with my support worker Bunny, headed off for a morning’s relaxation.… read more

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A Year of Falling Down

It’s exactly a year since my squatting-down tic suddenly intensified and made my already unreliable mobility much worse. It first happened on a journey back from the pub that took five times as long as it should have. I was … read more

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Tics in Translation

A film crew from the German TV channel, RTL, came to the playground where I work to create a segment about Tourettes for a show called ‘Explosiv’. They interviewed my colleagues, and a few parents, as well as … read more

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Tourettes Loving Toddler

Poppy was supporting me at work today and we were on a bus together this afternoon. I was in my wheelchair in the allocated space, and opposite me, in his pushchair, was a little boy about 18 months old.

He … read more

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The Castle at Dusk

It’s been one of the hottest days of the year so far. The evening’s just moving in and I can feel the air beginning to cool.

I’m sitting in the garden at the castle with Poppy. We’re both barefooted and … read more

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Glove Puppet Harassment

Poppy’s just finished a degree in costume design and yesterday afternoon she had the final presentation of her work at college. When it was over, she went out to celebrate and didn’t get back to the castle until the early … read more

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Dolphin Comeback

Towards the end of a ‘ticcing fit’ earlier on, the conversation around me turned to my well-established love of making animal noises.

Since Leftwing Idiot and I became friends twelve years ago, he’s been fascinated by what … read more

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