A Year of Falling Down

It’s exactly a year since my squatting-down tic suddenly intensified and made my already unreliable mobility much worse. It first happened on a journey back from the pub that took five times as long as it should have. I was completely sober but you wouldn’t have known it to look at me.

This was one of the last journeys I attempted to make on my own. A year on, I still drop to the floor frequently but my kneepads and wheelchair mean I’m much better equipped to deal with it now, and its impact on my life has lessened. But I still find my limited mobility one of the most frustrating aspects of my current tics.

Strangely, when I’m thinking about something else I sometimes forget for a moment about my difficulty with walking. This happened the other day when we ran out of milk and I thought I’d just nip out and get some. Fortunately, I remembered this was a bad idea in time.

A year ago, confronting the reality of my mobility difficulties was desperately upsetting. Today, getting around still presents a big challenge but my life’s as full and happy as it’s ever been. I know I can stand up to any challenge (as long as I have the right support).

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