Spa Treatment

Last Christmas Fat Sister and I bought our mum a voucher for a spa day. Mum was keen that we went too so today the three of us, along with my support worker Bunny, headed off for a morning’s relaxation.

I’ve been on spa days a couple of times before but not for many years. To start with I was a bit worried about how the staff and other visitors would respond to my tics – someone shouting ‘Biscuit’ every few moments isn’t what you’d expect as a part of a typical relaxation experience. But in fact all the staff were very accommodating and I wasn’t made to feel my tics were problem at any stage.

Getting to some of the activities was a bit of a challenge. The various spaces, pools and Jacuzzis were spread over several floors. The building, with its many stairs and winding corridors, was one of the least accessible I’ve ever been in. But thanks to skilful support from Bunny I was able to get around safely and enjoy everything.

I particularly liked the spa pool – the water was warm, the ceiling was high, there was a swing hanging over the water and lots of floats to grab on to. I spent a lot of time floating about in there.

I’m surprised by how tired I felt now, considering how much lying about I’ve done and what a peaceful, enjoyable day it’s been.

It was lovely to have time away from my computer to be able to enjoy being with great people in an amazing place.

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