Crab Hands

This afternoon I kept snapping my fingers together, repeatedly and simultaneously, on both hands.

Doing this gave me a jolt, not because of the physical sensation but because it recalled the familiar movement of a long-forgotten motor tic.

By my current standards it was fairly subtle – a tic affectionately known by my friends as ‘Crab Hands’ long before anyone knew I had Tourettes.

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  1. Catwings says:

    i’ve started a tic recently of finger-snapping, but in the way that Ali G used to do, rather than normal snapping, but i can only do it one hand. Both hands do the tic but only one hand feels ‘right’ after so i spend a bit of time after each tic trying to get the other hand to feel right.

    this has reminded me i wanted to ask – how severe was your ts before your diagnosis? because i know you weren’t diagnosed until relatively late and that your tics have become more severe with age, but in which order?

  2. Hi Catwings. In answer to your question, my tics were fairly severe before my diagnosis. They’d been getting gradually more extreme throughought my early twenties. I put off getting a formal diagnosis because I’d managed so long without one. In the end I was in the situation of having very noticeable tics but no diagnosis with which to explain them.

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