Tics in Translation

A film crew from the German TV channel, RTL, came to the playground where I work to create a segment about Tourettes for a show called ‘Explosiv’. They interviewed my colleagues, and a few parents, as well as videoing me leading a biscuit-decorating workshop with a group of children.

After work they came to the castle. They’d been keen to interview a friend of mine, so Laura came to talk to them. Initially I’d felt a bit uncomfortable about my friends or colleagues being asked questions about me (or my tics). It’s very important to me that I explain my Tourettes myself and I was worried the clarity of my explanation would get lost in lots of other people’s thoughts and opinions.

I didn’t hear much of what Laura said but in spite of my reservations, in the end it felt completely right for the challenges and joys of my tics to be explored from a different perspective. I’m very pleased we filmed it this way and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished piece. Now all I have to do is learn to speak German!

I’m also interested to hear what my tics sound like when they’re dubbed. Will they still sound like tics, or will the thing that makes them audibly different from my other speech get lost in translation?

Stay tuned.

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  1. shades_of_grey says:

    i’m german – so if i catch that show on tv – i let u know how it went – do u have any idea when it is going to be send?
    and – btw – i love the way u write – i dont know if this is right to say but i had to laugh a few times reading your stuff – would love to meet u in person one day – hello to all your friends – Sonja from germany

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