A Snow Globe Of Love

Welcome to November – one of my favourite times of year! I love the smells of Autumn, the warm jumpers and the cold air. I’ve been enjoying scooting about through the fallen leaves, not even worrying too much about how they hide the potholes and kerbs.

We’ve suddenly turned a corner and the ramp up to Christmas is well and truly underway. This was reinforced when our new Christmas card arrived fresh from the printers today. I did the drawing, and it illustrates a hopeful tic: “Shake Up The World Like A Snow Globe Of Love”.

You can buy the latest card here in our shop, but if snow globes aren’t your thing, there are many other Christmas Cards to choose from, including my personal favourites:

A Lamp Post Is For Life Not Just For Christmas

the image is of a blue sky with snow falling. In the middle is a lamp post crossed with a dog. It has a lamp post head, sporting a Santa hat. a long neck and then a body with four legs and a tail. There is a bow tied around its neck.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Riding On A Giant Pussy

A black and white image of Santa Clause riding on the back of a giant tabby cat.

The cosy Seasons Greetings Stripy Socks

christmas card of a colourful painting of a figure slumped on the ground doing a semi handstand with it's legs draping over. The figures feet have colourful stripes socks on. The text on the card reads Seasons Greetings Stripey Socks

And the less cosy but very funny Gold, Frankincense and Andrew Marr.

A Christmas card showing the three wise men bringing Mary and her baby gifts of gold, frankincense, and Andrew Marr popping out of a birthday cake with a big red bow on top.

We also have a handful of t-shirts left for sale. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your own Touretteshero, these wall stickers might be of interest. All the proceeds will help support our work next year.

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