Get Out Of My Pub!

Like any proper Londoner, I grew up watching EastEnders. Pub landlady Peggy Mitchell, a long running character on the show, was well known for screaming ‘Get out of my pub!’ at anyone who got on her nerves.

I’ve written before about how to play Phil Mitchell, a tic-inspired game based on another EastEnders character, Peggy’s son, Phil.

I live in a former pub which we call the castle. Every Friday my niece Bean comes to over for dinner. This usually coincides with my PA Claire leaving, and my overnight support worker arriving, and a ritual has emerged which has turned into a game.

A digital drawing by Touretteshero of Peggy Mitchell, notorious pub landlady of British TV soap Eastenders. She has sandy blonde hair and her mouth is wide open mid-shout. Giant white capital letters the right say ‘GET OUT OF MY PUB’.

When Claire leaves, we take it in turns to shout, ‘Get out of my pub!’ When we’ve all done this, we take it in turns to suggest other things she should get out of – examples include:

Get out of my fridge drawer!
Get out of my giraffe farm!
Get out of my pasta sauce!
Get out of my leaf muddler!
Get out of my armpit fluff!

Bean is particularly good at this game and throws herself into it with great enthusiasm.

One of the things I’ve really enjoyed over the last six months is seeing her sense of humour and imagination flourish – she’s got a great laugh and finds word play hilarious.

Bean’s never watched EastEnders – she’s only four – but the humour of the phrase and the joy of the shared joke is something she most definitely gets.

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