Back in November I wrote about the risk matrix we created to help make quick decisions on how we work in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and our own capacity. The matrix builds on our initial COVID-19 statement from March last year which explained why we’d be focusing on essential work only.

In essence this involved providing practical support to disabled Londoners, supporting families living with Tourettes across the UK, and advocating for disabled people more generally. Focusing on solidarity work has allowed us to be responsive to the needs of our communities, as well as keeping our team as safe as possible. From August the scope of our work widened slightly when the situation felt more stable.

Last week we met to review the current situation, the rapidly rising levels of infection and our matrix. As a result, we have moved to our highest level of alert.

This means Touretteshero will once again be focusing on essential work only until March 2021 at the earliest. So, until then, this is what we’ll be doing:

• Our solidarity services will continue with a new team member joining us to help coordinate and develop this aspect of our work

• We’ll be reviewing all of our existing creative, training and public-speaking engagements and cancelling or postponing commitments as necessary

• I’ll continue to write and to draw attention to issues impacting disabled people and their families. And I’ll be keeping you up to date on life in the spaceship

We won’t be taking on any new work until at least the Spring, unless it relates directly to our essential priorities.

These changes are necessary to ensure we can continue to keep each other, our families, and our community as safe and well as possible.

If you’re one of our many partners or clients, we thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

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