Touretteshero COVID-19 Statement

This post is to address the COVID-19 outbreak and to describe what we are planning to do as a Company.

As a disabled-led organisation, our primary focus is to maintain the health and wellbeing of all our staff as best we can. We want to make things easier for the people we work with too. Most of the emails we send create the need for a reply from the people receiving them, and because we’re all experiencing the same uncertainty and disruption at the moment, it feels much kinder to minimise the amount of correspondence we’re creating all round. The situation is changing so rapidly, it doesn’t seem sensible to make any new plans.

So, for the time being we’ll be winding down all non-essential work in order to help make the next few weeks and months as simple as possible for everyone. We’re going to focus only on essential work until at least July 2020.

In practice this means maintaining the systems we use to pay people, providing informal online support to families living with Tourettes, and advocating for disabled people more generally. This new work structure will also allow us to help others in our local community who are most directly impacted by the current situation.

If you’re one of our many partners or clients, we hope you’ll understand why we’re making this decision and we thank you in advance for your patience.

I’m currently concentrating on food, medication, hygiene supplies, support and solidarity. I’m hoping to stay well enough to avoid having to see a doctor or go to hospital so that we can help other people as much as possible. This feels like plenty to be getting on with. That and writing some more blog posts!

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  1. barbara.renel says:

    Love and a big hug to you and yours x

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