Tree Topper

While we were up in Inverness earlier this year Will got me into an expensive habit – bath bombs!

I had no idea how great they are – a relaxing, multi-sensory experience, albeit not a cheap one.

I’m having a bath most evenings now as a way of managing the pain in my back and pelvis, and the occasional bath bomb makes this even more relaxing. As I’ve got three weeks off work for Christmas I thought I’d buy a few to use over the festive break.

My delivery arrived this morning. They were packed in a box stuffed with foam chips to protect the fragile contents. I usually hate this type of packing material because it’s not easy to recycle. But surprisingly this packing material is – all you have to do is pour water on it and it melts away, completely vanishing in minutes. However, if you use just a bit of water you can make the beads stick together, and this morning I was inspired to use today’s supply to make a festive decoration:

I’ve put my new creation on top of the tree Fran and I decorated a few days ago and now I’m starting to feel very Christmassy indeed.

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