Discovering Soap

While we were in Inverness Will introduced me to an expensive new habit – bath bombs!

Wow, how did I miss out on all the radical developments in bathing technology that have occurred recently? The colourful, multisensory extravaganza of the contemporary bath bomb is a far cry from the little jelly balls I remember as a child.

It’s also led me to an amazing new source of independence – the bubble bar.

This is a soft, sometimes slightly crumbly block of scented delight that’s solid when dry but turns into a smooth paste when wet. This might not seem that revolutionary, but I lack both the dexterity and impulse control for regular liquid shower gel – at least if I don’t want to avoid getting through a whole bottle a day.

But now I can claw at this soft block and then enjoy the resulting colourful soapy mess.

This discovery might be minor but it’s giving me a lot of joy. In the last week alone I’ve massaged my own feet, soaked in calming scents before bed, and washed myself more independently and successfully than I have done in years.

Who’d have thought a simple soap bar could have such a positive and powerful effect.

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